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Concrete Scanning

Before drilling, cutting, or coring through any concrete structure concrete scanning is necessary. On Target Construction can identify the location and depth of the embedded objects in the structure using high-resolution Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

Target Construction can help you accurately, reliably, and economically locate:  

  • Non-metallic and metallic utilities,
  • Mesh conduits
  • Post-tension cables
  • Pre-tension cables
  • Pipes
  • Rebar
  • Slab thickness and voids



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Scanning Use Cases


Why is concrete scanning needed before concrete coring or cutting?

Concrete scanning helps identify embedded objects in concrete, reducing the risk of hitting utility lines, rebar, or conduits during coring or cutting. This not only prevents costly damages but also ensures safety on site.

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Can you explain the basics of concrete scanning?

Concrete scanning uses technologies like GPR to identify embedded objects within concrete before cutting, drilling, or coring, minimizing the risk of damages and enhancing safety.

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When does concrete need to be scanned from both sides?

Usually, scanning from one side is sufficient. However, for thicker or more complex structures, or when the object's exact location is vital, scanning from both sides can provide a more comprehensive image.

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When is GPR scanning more practical than Xray and when is it used?

GPR is often more practical than Xray as it doesn't emit harmful radiation, requires access from only one side, and provides results in real-time. It's used for concrete inspection, rebar mapping, and utility detection.

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What is a GPR scanning report?

A GPR scanning report provides a visual representation and interpretation of the data captured during a GPR scan, highlighting the location and depth of embedded objects in the concrete.

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How can we locate utilities in rural areas of BC?

In rural areas of BC, utility locating often requires more advanced methods like GPR, due to less structured underground utility placement and more challenging soil conditions.

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